Babelx3D/ABNet 3 - 3D Start Multiuser world

Please use Internet Explorer (this page uses an activeX object for bs contact vrml/x3d plugin))
To launch a multiuser 3D Chat World you need a VRML or X3D base file and to fill the information below.
(The multiuser site will remain online and visible in "rooms list" until all visitors leave)

World Name:
URL (of your  X3D or VRML file):
After entering you can change your name, avatar and other user details.

Click on "Create 3D Chat" to launch your world!

You can save the resulting URL to launch the 3D Chat from your own site directly. Example:

When launching from a site/portal (php, asp, etc.) you may find usefull to include in the link/URL other parameters like:
- &username=Steve    (with this parameter set on the link the username will not be asked on entering)
- &avatarurl=http:// ...  ( with this parameter set the avatar will load on entering from that url)

To use BabelX3D chat server, you need two components installed and Internet Explorer:

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