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Thank you for visiting my world. I hope you enjoy your time here!

Below is some information you may find useful in navigating this world.

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Title:  V & R Construction
Created BY: Laz
Launched: 4-23-09


Main wrl at 7.38kb

42 Protos at 329kb

10 Sound files at 1.10 mb

260 textures at 4.4mb

The main wrl is constructed of nothing but protos and scripts. It contains no native mesh.



The model home contains several shared events. all of the doors except the back slider are shared and the garage doors are also both shared events including the sound. Working fireplaces using particle fire. the smaller windows on the house can all be opened with click and drag action as well as the sliding door. Out back is a nice looking brick and stone patio that overlooks the lake. In front of the house are 2 large planters that enable you to create your own flower gardens using createVrmlFromString. you simply click the dirt to plant. the flowers are randomly colored, scaled and rotated for effect.
There is shiny corvette in the garage for eye candy. :)

There is a Gazebo just east of the house that overlooks the lake. A nice place to practice tttree dropping skills :)
P.S. make sure you go for a swim ;)

The Tower:

Some might find this a challenging climb. It isn't very difficult really once you understand the mechanics. A PlaneSensor triggers the event and you simply drag yourself up to the top and through the hatch. At Maxposition on the Planesensor it sets you safely out of the hole so you wont fall down again. You climb down again using the opposite motion on the Drag. Nice view and the fog increases exponentially with elevation as it's multiplier.

The Job Trailer:

The job trailer contains many interesting features. At the table where the workmen eat their lunch is a lunchbox that has a gravity effect in it. all the chairs are moveable. just to the side of the door when you come in there is a blueprint reader that comes down from the cieling. It has three different planesensors that operate it. The end result is a pretty convincing magnification effect as you are moving the magnifier around. (best viewed in first person as with most effects.)

As you make your way over to the desk you will notice that whoever sits at that desk has BSContact open and a wireframe house he is viewing. Make sure to try the mouse and don't be too annoyed at the BS logo on the desktop. It was sort of a joke. ;) If the chair is in your way give it a spin .While you are at the desk make sure to look in the top desk drawer for a scrap of paper containing the combination to the safe per earlier mention, be in first person to use the safe's digital combination. hit the combination and then enter and voila. If you get it wrong just try again, it will let you know :) Take the 2 goodies off the top shelf to play with when you go back outside. You won't be disappointed.

The 2 HUD controls:

One of the two items you took off the shelf is a Remote control mechanism that operates the large backhoe in the far northeast corner where the digging is going on. simply expand the hud so the control is in large version and give it a try. If you want to climb up on it there is a ladder stowed on the back side with buttons to drop and stow again. Backhoe comes complete with sounds so enjoy.

The second HUD control is The TTTree Maker.  expand it out for use and proceed to make your own forest. Once again this is createVrmlFromString so feel free to make as many tttrees as your machine can handle! :) To operate the controls hit Create button and a tree will drop. after you have dropped the tttree you can adjust it's properties, You can scale it up to 10 times it's original size, adjust the elevation of it so it's roots are fully in the ground and you can choose which type of tttree you want of the 14 available options. After you are satisfied with your selection hit plant and that finalizes the process and allows to to create another TTTree. when you are done playing with it you simply minimize the control or if you want it out of your view altogether hit the close button and the controls return to the safe where you can always go pick them up again. Have fun playing with this one, I did! :)

Dropping Textures

I added a drop handler object to this world and then realized that it enables you to drag textures from your desktop onto every piece of mesh that has an imageTexture node in it. I was going to fix it but so far have not found a reason too. It is a pretty cool side effect. :)

I urge everyone to have fun with VRML. It really is a cool language and one that never really reached it's potential IMO. So much more can be done with it. One of the restrictions still lies with the browsers themselves and not with the language. Visit ABNET and check out this world and all the other fine worlds that great worldbuilders have constructed.

Have a nice day!